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What do elite athletes, feisty grandmas, special forces soldiers, and ordinary folks getting over injuries all have in common?

They’ve all embraced kettlebell training!

Move Well 30-blurredYou may have come across the kettlebell already, whether you’ve heard of the “4-Hour Body” or tried out Crossfit. You may want to pursue better fitness, but you don’t see the sense in working out until you puke.

If you’re thinking that kettlebells are just for hardcore fitness junkies who punish themselves in pursuit of hot abs, and that they’re not for you, I strongly encourage you to reconsider!

When used properly, the kettlebell is an incredible exercise tool that can safely help us feel great, move confidently, get out of pain, lose weight, and have fun and get ridiculously strong, too.

But please, don’t get distracted by the kettlebell!

It’s not about the kettlebell, it’s about the movement.

I talk about the kettlebell like the Samurai’s sword. In the hands of the untrained, they are both just dangerous pieces of metal. But in the hands of experts, they are both tools of impressive effectiveness, efficiency, and beauty.  As a personal trainer, I can move you toward the latter.

And they are both key tools of movement systems that are as deep as they are nuanced, honed by centuries of dedicated practice and refinement.

Yes, the kettlebell will make you stronger. But it will also re-train your body to learn better and more quickly, so that all the good changes you experience as the results of your hard work actually stick, and won’t disappear in a month or two.

You know how yoga is more than a few stretches? Same thing.

I want you to experience movement as an art and a system.

  • Imagine feeling great after your workout instead of feeling achey and wiped-out.
  • Imagine competing against yourself, not the clock and not the other people in the gym.
  • Imagine learning more about yourself, cultivating mindfulness, and growing as a person through your exercise, instead of just breaking a sweat.

When you train the kettlebell with personal trainer Ross Meyer, you’ll make your workout simpler and more efficient, and enjoy dramatically better results, to boot. By mastering just a handful of key exercises, you will quickly experience incredible benefits that last, with more enjoyment and without pain.

(Also… it’s super fun!)

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