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Can personal training in Boulder CO deliver a pain-free life of joy, physical excellence, and freedom?

Are you in pain? Have you lost your youthful vim and vigor? Rediscover what your body used to do easily and do it again, better — Now, and for the rest of your life. Redefining what personal training means to you, and what a Boulder personal trainer can actually help you accomplish, will open your eyes to new possibilities - this is the essence of personal re-training. If you've tried exercise in the past and it didn't work for you, if you feel like you've tried everything and nothing has helped your problems, if you're frustrated, resentful and bitter, know this: it can be different this time. With this Personal Trainer helping you retrain, you can have a whole new relationship to exercise. to Russian kettlebells, and how you view the objectives that your personal trainer can help you achieve.

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A Personal trainer, historically, has often focused on getting someone to push through the grind – to just make a person do the drills. Exercise can be about more than just getting bigger or smaller, more than just feeling the burn and watching numbers change. Exercise can transform who you are physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It can unlock a new, unanticipated identity for you, and expand the realm of what you understand to be possible in your life.

My approach to personal training, or retraining, takes you on a journey of self awareness that transcends a typical ‘hard workout’. Don’t be thrown off by that comment though – Russian kettlebells provide a fantastic workout once you have the proper structure in place.

Most people (including most exercise professionals, trainers, and instructors) have no idea how drastically and dramatically exercise can change their bodies and their lives, and don’t understand how change happens. When you really understand how bodies move and adapt, and how much change is truly possible, you start to understand how much potential benefit most people who exercise are just leaving on the table.

The Ross Meyer Difference: Personal Re-Training

Personal Re-Training resembles “fitness” and “working out,” but I don’t use those terms because my approach to the whole enchilada is radically different. As a professional, I help you re-train your body, re-train your brain and muscles and nervous system, re-train the core of your being. Most likely, your body doesn’t lack the capacity to do what you want it to do. Probably it’s just learned a bunch of bad habits which are standing in your way. I’ll help you replace those bad habits with good ones. That’s the core of this Personal Training approach.

I start out with a comprehensive, full-body movement assessment so I can create an individualized, systems-based plan to address your specific needs and desires. Your re-training program will include mobility and flexibility work; strength training with Russian kettlebells and bodyweight exercises – which in many ways are superior to standard weight training; breathing and relaxation techniques; and critical exercises to retrain your joint mechanics and movement quality. And I bring all of this right to you at your home, office, or place of business.

In order to productively and safely address old injuries and prevent new ones, I consult with a network of other movement and medical professionals, either ones you’re already connected with or a batch of experts I keep in my living Rolodex. I consider this arsenal of high quality professionals the responsibility of a serious personal trainer.

We’ll reassess your program as you go, making sure it continues to meet your needs as they change, even on a daily or weekly basis. I’m constantly on the lookout for new certifications, workshops and seminars to keep my own program on the cutting edge —part of my current program utilizes the power building discipline of Russian kettlebells – and I bring you the best of what I’m learning so your program will always stay fresh and dynamic.