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The Personal Re-Training Superstars

They transformed their bodies and their lives, discovered strength they didn’t know they had, and inspired me the whole way. That’s how they earned the title “Superstars”

Move Well 88It is my absolute pleasure to share with you just a few of the success stories of the many clients I’ve had the honor to work with during my career.

Since 2000, I’ve trained more than 15,000 hours with clients, and helped people experience all sorts of transformative and life-changing benefits.

Some of the wonderful changes that clients have reported most often include:

  • getting out of pain, sometimes after being in chronic pain for decades
  • returning to activities they love, that they thought they’d have to quit forever
  • enjoying increased energy and vitality, and engaging more fully with life
  • businesspeople improving work productivity and getting more done in less time, with less stress and more profit
  • older folks and seniors feeling safe leaving the house and being able to play with their grandchildren again
  • athletes improving sport performance, running faster and jumping higher, scoring better, skiing and snowboarding harder, and feeling great the next day
  • people becoming dramatically stronger than they ever thought they could be, and more quickly than they thought possible
  • and, of course, hundreds of inches lost and pounds shed (and dozens of new wardrobes purchased, too)

If you’ve ever struggled with chronic back pain, then you’ll sympathize with Pearl Klein and Dr. John Scott and you’ll want to read how they overcame it.

If you’ve spent most of your life wishing you had different posture, then read what  Lindsey Yeates or Craig Meyer have to say about accomplishing what they thought was impossible.

Move Well 61Knee, hip, or shoulder pain? Talk to Dr. James Lee, Vicki Robinson, or Michael Kerner.

If you want to prove that your body can improve as you get older, then you need to check out Carrie Nelson’s story, or Dr. Andrew Shannahan’s, or Anastacia Metcalf’s.

Want to use your recover from surgery or disease as a launchpad to being in the best shape of your life? Read about Rita Bojorquez, Carrie Nelson, or Dr. Barry Gjerdrum.

Some people just want to get dramatically stronger and become ninjas, like Josh Leeger, Ben Wieczorek, and Dr. Matthew Howe.


I encourage you to scroll down and see the faces of real people whose lives have been forever changed for the better.

Read, in their own words, about the radical differences Ross Meyer Personal Re-Training has made for them.


“But this won’t work for me. I have…”

Yes, you are different, a beautiful and unique snowflake. And I guarantee you that your situation will not stop us from being successful together.

I have helped clients who have had:

  • artificial joints,
  • spinal pathologies,
  • failed surgeries,
  • catastrophic accidents,
  • missing limbs,
  • fused joints,
  • pregnancies,
  • cancer,
  • fibromyalgia,
  • head trauma & brain injury,
  • obesity,
  • and more bad knees, bum hips, tricky shoulders, and bad backs then you can shake a stick at.

Ross Meyer Personal Re-Training will work for you.

I guarantee it.


“This is the intelligent man’s workout, not a “meathead” thing. I have increased flexibility everywhere, better diet, better posture, less back and knee pain. I love that Ross knows the details and can explain them clearly. This is the most important mental exercise you can ever do. It will change all aspects of your life, not just your exercise.”

—Christian Jacobsen, Storyteller


“I worked with Ross for two years. The personal results I achieved far exceeded my expectations of what was possible.

His approach has helped my body remember healthy, strong muscle patterns that it had forgotten. I find myself spontaneously moving more efficiently without having to think about it. The work Ross does is so unique, I could never imagine working out any other way.

I am regaining the shape I had when I was younger, which I never thought I would see again.

Ross has a great sense of humor, impeccable integrity, and great skill with introducing change at just the right pace for non-stop integration. I highly recommend Ross’s services to anyone who wants to master the big picture of their health and fitness.”

—Anastacia Metcalf, SRI Wellness Educator


“Ross is genuinely interested in each participant’s unique situation, and is very caring in his approach. I love his sense of humor, his great instruction, and his “tell it like it is” straight talk which still manages to be caring, gentle, and sensitive. He is the antithesis of the meathead trainer. He’s smart as a whip, and will teach you much more than the basic principles of diet and exercise.”

—Sara Shelton, Eldercare Consultant


“When I first came to Ross, I was in a lot of pain every day, chronic pain that had been getting progressively worse over the past 10 years. I am a chiropractor, and had tried everything from chiropractic and physical therapy, to massage and myofascial release to help me. All gave short term and incomplete help. But Ross’s work has made all the difference in the world.

The techniques Ross has taught me give me immediate improvement: the tight muscles in my side relax and the pain melts away. I am getting stronger and more coordinated, and I’m in less pain, without uncomfortable muscle fatigue.

I used to go to a trainer that pushed me too hard, and afterwards my muscles would spasm and my pain would actually get worse!

But Ross is very patient and really trains you to do movements correctly. He doesn’t move you faster than your learning curve allows. Ross really goes above and beyond to customize his training sessions to what is good for the client. I’ve been referring patients to him because I love what he does for people.”

—Dr. John Scott DC, Retired Chiropractor


“This is vastly different than other exercise programs I’ve done. I’ve known personal trainers who do stereotypical gym routines, and I initially expected that with you. I am knocked out by how wrong I was — and delighted by it! I have learned so much about nutrition and body mechanics, and I feel like I can continue with the program on my own.

This has been a really impactful process for me, metamorphic I like to think. I’m seeing a lot of change, some of which is obvious in the mirror and a lot of which has been inside. I’ve had a lot of dramatic changes in my perception of my body. I obviously have lost weight, but I’ve also learned a lot about movement and the magic of minutiae. The little things can make such a powerful difference in the way we take care of ourselves, and that’s a daily process of moving and living well. I really, really am grateful for the nutrition information which is different than much of what I’ve read and what I’ve heard from others, and I find that it works for me.

I’m proud of the fact that I’ve managed to be disciplined about this process. I’ve had to deal with an injury to my hip, and now that my range of motion has improved and I feel more flexible and more energetic. I even find myself doing some of these crazy exercises on the floor of my office.”

—Michael Kerner, Insurance Broker


Move Well 125“Before I started medical school, I was running daily, in great shape, and felt great. But the demands of med school changed all this. I stopped running, gained weight, and began to feel knee pain. Exercise became dreadful.

One of my passions in life is competitive indoor volleyball, and I could not play well due to the knee pain and increase in my weight. Then the worst came when my father passed away suddenly. I became depressed, overate, and gained an additional forty pounds.

I was introduced to Ross by a physician colleague of mine. I wanted to lose weight and compete in volleyball again. I thought all trainers were the same, and had very low expectations since the work I’d done with different trainers in the past had all failed to produce tangible results. But I was wrong.

Even though I found his methods unorthodox and couldn’t understand Ross’s techniques when I started training with him, I’ve now lost 55 pounds and my knees are pain free. I’m back to competing in volleyball, and my movement on the court is fluid and joyful.

Ross is methodical and has goals for every training session. He listens to me and pays attention to my goals. He is demanding of personal responsibility, and does not whitewash things, yet he treats me with integrity and respect.”

—Dr. James Lee DPM, Podiatrist


“Ross trains like no other! I have more vitality, I’m more toned, I’m sleeping better, and I am happier that I’m taking better care of myself. Ross trains for well-being and focuses on all aspects of being truly healthy, not just being fit. I love how he is able to pay close attention to everyone’s personal needs, but also stay tuned in with the whole group at the same time. You will have no regrets!”

—Jen Kindred, Environmental Analyst


“I’ve been exercising since I was a kid, lifting weights and playing sports and doing martial arts throughout the years. I’ve worked hard for a long time, and I can lift a lot. But in my first session with you I realized that I’d never been utilizing tension well in my lifting. You taught me about full body tension, setting up well, being intentional. It was really a light bulb, and it’s changed how I do a lot of things.

It changed my squat and deadlift for sure. Just by dialing in my tension I was able to deadlift fifty pounds more the very first time I did it. Same with my squat. It just makes the expression of energy through the whole system more efficient.

It’s changed the questions I ask myself too, how I evaluate myself. I used to always ask myself “Am I good with how much I can lift?” But now I think more about the whole practice. “Am I good with my technique, my setup, how many reps I can do, my time investment?”

You have a really good method for coaching people. You gave cues where they were pertinent, but didn’t get involved in a whole dialogue. You stayed out of the way, which was good.

You were adaptable, so when we were doing something that wasn’t getting the result that you were looking for, you changed to something else. You put the outcome first, and you were encouraging, and I appreciate that.”

—Josh Leeger, Sales Manager, Retired Strength Coach, 40


“I was attracted to getting stronger and becoming athletic in a way that I had never done, but I didn’t know how to do it. Now I realize that inside I was resistant towards moving into something overtly athletic. For a long time, I’ve seen the world of no-pain-no-gain fitness as out of alignment with a healthful approach.

I was impressed by your paradigm of wholeism. We share a professional interest in studying how bodies move, and I was attracted to your love of the subject. You had extensive training in things that were important to me, like the brain-body connection, developmental movement, and the role past injuries and traumas have on postural patterns.

For over twenty years my main practice has been yoga, and for a long time I had a solid yoga practice that was working. But when my hormones started changing, my motivation to practice yoga just fell off. I was going through a shift, and I knew something was different, but I didn’t know what it was.

I did some sessions with a trainer in the past, but it didn’t really work for me. When I couldn’t do some of the things he wanted me to do, he didn’t know how to help me. I was frustrated with myself that I couldn’t do it.

I always had trouble accessing my deep core. That was why I felt like I could never perform more rigorously or strenuously, in an athletic way.

The physical training I did with you was more comprehensive than anything else that I’ve done. The developmental work in particular was really important for me. Getting on the ground, rolling and crawling, and training the developmental patterns helped me access the core patterns that had been blind spots before.

That was really surprising, and I actually felt humiliated that I hadn’t done it before. I’m a chiropractor, I’m a yoga teacher, I should have known these things. But in the end it helped me feel self-compassion. Rather than it being a humiliating thing, it was actually a liberating and exhilarating thing.

I was working with the concept that movement is pleasurable, that a disciplined pursuit of new movement is pleasurable, and that in fact it’s safe and nurtures me. Working with you really took that idea and made it into an actual physical reality, a body knowing that more movement is more pleasurable and is not going to hurt me.

It’s hugely benefitted my confidence. I broke through all these old stories I had about myself that I could never be athletic, and I started to believe that it was something that I could actually achieve. It expanded what I understood to be possible for myself in my life. That was a big realization for me.

Your instruction helped me believe that my body can do anything I want it to. I can be an athlete if I want. It’s just a matter of what I choose, and what I put my attention on building.

My favorite thing about you is the way you listened to my concerns. You would let me talk things all the way through, and if I had questions you would answer them. But you wouldn’t indulge me when I tried to use it as a stall tactic.

You were always glad to see me, you were positive and happy. Even when you were down or something was wrong in your life, you still had a light heartedness and an ability to not take yourself too seriously. I realize how important that is, your ability to keep it light.

I’ve referred a lot of patients to you. The work you do is consistent and harmonious with the work I do with them. Your active work with them complements the passive work I do with them on the table, without threatening to compromise it. I know they’ll always be safe. You never push them beyond their capability and you listen to their their bodies. If they’re ever in trouble or something is causing problems, you problem solve it, back it up, and figure out what the glitch is.

They have to bring motivation and trust, but if somebody wants a transformation, you can deliver it to them.”

—Dr. Cathy Englehart DC, Chiropractor, Craniosacral Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, 53


“When I started I was pretty overweight and out of shape. I didn’t realize how dysfunctional my body was. I had some poor lifestyle habits, not the best ability to feed myself properly. I was doing some exercise on my own, mostly walking, elliptical at the gym, and some weight machines. It was boring and I didn’t really get results. I needed some help.

I wanted to be able to move my body better and get into shape so that I could do activities that I haven’t done for a long time like hike with friends. When considering something like that in the past, even something not overly strenuous, I’d get worried “Hmm, I might get too winded.”

Now I’m down about forty pounds and it feels really good, like a layer has been taken off me. I have so much more muscle mass and strength, it’s actually surprising. I was boating recently, and as I was climbing back on the boat from the water, and I just pulled myself up so easily. I was like “Whoa, who is this?”

I’ve realigned my body, how I carry myself, and my posture — and I’ve struggled with my posture ever since I was a kid. I learned that I have the ability to restructure my body. I used to really feel trapped like “Oh, this is how I’m going to be forever”, but now I know that I’m able to change that.

I’ve realized that the way my body is right now doesn’t necessarily dictate how it’s always going to be. In the past I thought that my body shape was pretty much determined genetically. But just from exercise, I’ve been able to realign my body so that it functions properly, and now I actually think “Oh, it’s possible to revamp my body” like getting a thick booty and being able to fix my posture.

Ross, you are a patient, ethical person. If you say you’re going to do something then you do it. You treat everybody with the same level of respect, the same level of service. I’ve never felt judged, and I’ve always felt 100% comfortable with you.

I’ve also really grown to appreciate your precision around words and how we communicate internally about ourselves. It’s helped me learn to catch myself when I’m talking to myself in a bad way.

I feel like you can take anybody, wherever they’re at, and propel them in the right direction.”

—Lindsey Yeates, Technical Recruiter, 35


“After my cancer and surgeries, I was very leery of exercise. I was so incredibly weak, I felt like I couldn’t do anything. I was always afraid that I would rip something or strain something, that I would hurt myself and not be able to work.

I remember that time when I had my hands on the pull-up bar and you asked me to lift up my feet. It was the first time in three or four years that I could do it without feeling like I was being torn apart, and I did it without even thinking about it. I broke out crying. In the past, I refused to do things like that. I’ve let go of a lot of muscle guarding in my arms and shoulders. I’m so much stronger and more mobile.

Now I’m getting used to being strong again. I’m doing exercises that used to make me fall flat on my face, and they keep getting better. You always challenge me, but never make me feel unsafe.

When we first started with some of the kettlebells, I was like “This is impossible. I can’t do this, there’s no way I am going to be able to do this.” But now I do those exercises all the time, and I even do them with heavy weights. You’re patient and thoughtful and encouraging. You made me feel like I could do it.

You’re very nitpicky. You are always on my form, you have a good eye for that. Whenever I tell you that I don’t feel comfortable doing something or that an exercise is hurting me, you never fight me. You just switch to a different exercise that accomplishes the same thing. You always have variety at your fingertips.

I highly recommend your services, especially to clients who need very detailed work. I recommend clients that have core issues, shoulder and knee problems, are recovering from surgery, practically anything. I’ve watched dozens of your clients’ improve their health, their posture, and their injuries.”

—Rita Bojorquez, Massage Therapist, 60


“I started training with you after I broke my knee in a ski accident. After the surgery, I was non-weight bearing for three months, and my whole body started to fall apart. I was in pain all the time. I was desperate.

Now, I never have pain in my knee. You helped me correct postural imbalances that had been there forever. I’ve found out just how strong I really am and I feel like I’ve just barely scratched the surface of what my body is actually capable of. It’s probably capable of a lot more than I realize, so I’m reaching higher, and I know I can do it.

I’ve learned about my body that if I take good enough care of it, it’s pretty much bomb proof. I can do almost anything I want, especially when I consider my age. I love that I’m able to amaze twenty or thirty year olds when I can pick up things that they can’t.

The other dramatic benefit was in my mental health. My mental health started improving right along with my physical health.

The things we’ve worked on have stuck so well that these days I can pretty much automatically correct for postural imbalances without even thinking about it. The training is integrative, it doesn’t go away, it doesn’t wear off. I can go through a very physical life now and I’m not getting injured all the time, and I’m not in pain all the time.

I remember the first session I had with you. We did the assessment, and most of the things I could barely do. That really shocked me. But you turned that into a positive thing because that’s exactly where you started. You designed training sessions around those things so that I could start to move my body without pain.

My concept of aging has changed a lot, too. I now feel comfortable that I’ll be skiing in my eighties, and that I can maintain a level of fitness which is well beyond what I would have expected for my age if I hadn’t done this.

I’ve recommended you to people like me. People who have old injuries that they think can’t be sorted out. People who have been injured in the past and want to stay active throughout their lives. “

—Carrie Nelson, Animal Care, 52


“I was coming off two different injuries and surgeries on my right knee: a bone necrosis in my femur, and a subsequent ACL rupture. I knew that just doing weights and squats and stuff wasn’t going to be a good rehab program. It was important to me to work with somebody who was going to collect comprehensive baseline assessment data and give me a detailed workup with biomechanics and proprioceptive function.

I quickly realized that the baseline assessment was much more detailed than I was expecting, and the workup from there was unique. It wasn’t just your slant on squats and pull-ups and kettlebells and whatnot. It was a make-sense progression of movements based on what my needs were at the time. This was a program built on fixing my weaknesses and achieving my goals.

It’s really benefitted my body awareness, and given me a deeper understanding of what’s going on in my own body. Not just about my injury, but about how the rest of my body has compensated.  It’s given me awareness in all the other activities that I do, and that’s huge.

Now I know that when I feel imbalance or discomfort, like when I’m on my bike, isn’t just “Oh, that’s my knee, it’s the way it’s always going to be.” Now I know that it’s pointing out that I’ve got other things that are compensating or have been affected by my old injury, and they can be addressed.

Something as funny as rolling on the ground has changed my cycling and the way my glutes activate, things I’d been having issues with since my surgeries. That was unexpected.

I recommend your services to people who have been stuck, maybe limited by pain or mental blocks. I’m comfortable referring patients to you because I hold myself to standards of professionalism and walking the talk, and I know that you have those same standards. I appreciate our ease of communication, being able to talk back and forth without judgement and without ego. You’re good to talk to, motivating and inspiring, and you’re a teacher.

Patients who have seen both of us tell me that now they’re able to do things pain-free, that they feel better, that they can squat, run, and do more of the things they enjoy with confidence and better body awareness. For me, that’s when the world opens up.”

—Dr. Barry Gjerdrum DC, Chiropractor, 44


“I wasn’t looking for a trainer. But when you told me that I’d feel better after a workout than before, I wanted to find out what that meant in practice. Your focus on cognitive processes really grabbed me intellectually because I want to stay sharp and strong as I age. I never really thought “I want to be buff.” I looked at pictures of people using kettlebells and I thought “Yeah, big muscular studs. I don’t care about that.”

And then you told me that training two times a week would radically transform my life. And you know what? I do feel transformed! I’m stronger now, and I surprise myself that can I do these really challenging things. I love being able to use my body in ways that weren’t even possible before. I don’t mind being photographed in sleeveless blouses anymore. (I actually kind of like it.) I know better what I’m capable of, and as I keep going I can see that I’m capable of more and more. It’s an achievement.

I’ve spent most of my life thinking of myself as a person with a bad back. I’ve had times in the past when I had to stand non-stop for hours, I couldn’t sit down, and then I’d feel terrible afterwards. But after working with you for nine months, I was at a work event where I had to stand for eight hours straight, and I didn’t feel drained and didn’t have any back pain. Now I have this sense that I’m not a person with a bad back, I’m a person who needs to be conscious of the way I move my body, and you’ve really helped me do that.

I always felt safe, I was always allowed to set the pace, and I never felt bossed around. I’ve laughed and I’ve cried in sessions with you, I’ve even yelled at you. You’ve always been kind and welcoming, and it’s easy to enjoy working with you.

You have endless variety. I like that you’re not strictly from one school of thought or one approach, that you’re always integrating different pieces. There were times when I would tell you that my knee felt tender, and you say that we’re going to work with my elbows to fix it. I was like “Whatever, that’s not going to work.” But then it would work, and my knee would feel a ton better!

You’re serious about health, but not in a cranky, bossy, doctorish, kind of way. You’re so joyful, and you always make it fun. And if I’m going to be sweating my butt off at dawn then it damn well better be fun!”

—Pearl Klein, Copywriter, Actor, Director, 48


“Learning the kettlebell with you was unlike ANYTHING I’d ever done before, and the precision with which you train was different from anything I’d experienced before in exercise. I love how you have a structured approach to learning each movement, piece by piece, with a clear understanding of how each piece influences EVERYTHING else.

You are dedicated, knowledgeable, passionate, and enthusiastic, and it’s infectious. You are totally into this stuff, but in a way that never feels pushy. It just makes me think “Whatever this guy is into, I have got to check that out.”

There was an intelligence to the method that I didn’t fully appreciate until years later. The way you integrate all the different branches of your education is truly an art, and your style really impresses me.

I realize now that my body has been hard-wired to perform well with complicated exercises. I find it fascinating that the results of your work are so sustainable. I show up at new places to “try them out” and everyone comments on how good my form is. The better certified the people, the more positively they comment. What I learned with you has stuck with me.

There is a method to your madness, and a purpose for everything we did. We were always building on what we had done before, but in a different way. Even if it wasn’t clear in the moment, I knew that whatever we were doing was going to help everything involved.

It honestly boggled my mind, discovering all the different forms of movement and exercise out there. I loved when you started to teach me about neural learning, and all the different kinds of neurological training you use. It’s redefined my relationship to working out.

Working with you was always an adventure. I’d never come in expecting what was going to happen next. There was always a challenge, and you can certainly be a harsh task master, but there was always play to it as well.

I wish I could clone you and have you here in Columbus, Ohio. I would recommend you to all my patients. Why? Because…

You deliver excellent results and a sense of play. You help break bad habits in people who keep injuring themselves, and help them cultivate new one. You dynamically link flexibility with strength and stability. You help people recovering from injury, illness, and disease get back into their bodies, demolish old stories about what their bodies can’t do, and redefine what is truly possible for them.

If you are considering working with Ross, you should know this: 

This will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, and will transform every aspect of your muscles, nervous system, and frame.  Even the muscle between your ears will get a workout.

You will be stepping into some of the most knowledgeable, wise, and fun hands out there. Ross is equal parts physical trainer, mad monk, science geek, and spiritual seeker. He brings loads of practical experience and cutting edge information, and integrates it with wisdom and a deep listening to his clients’ needs and their bodies’ needs.

Above all else, he has a relaxed sense of fun that turns each session into part education and part daring adventure.”

—Dr. Matthew Howe DC, Chiropractor, 35


“This program is on a different plane from any other workout program I’ve done. It’s really challenged my thinking and my addiction to working out until I feel like I’m going to die. I am also more motivated just to move every day, it doesn’t have to be a huge 3 mile run.

Ross has a great sense of humor, but is also very professional. He’s honest and encourages others to share the same level of honesty. I’ve learned so much from him!”

—Leslie Jones, Human Resources


“I was feeling old and fragile at 35. I was afraid of hurting myself while I was rock climbing. I wanted to push myself like I used to when I was in my twenties, but I felt like I had to hold myself back. I definitely wasn’t satisfied with where I was at, or where I was heading.

Ross has exposed me to an entirely new world of strength and movement. I had no idea how much more there is to weight lifting than just pumping iron and grunting.

Ross taught me how to safely get stronger, and how to feel confident while climbing. Now, I can push myself to my limits, and I know my body can handle it. I very rarely get injured, and even if I do then it’s just little tweaks, and I know how to quickly get back on track.

I also had no idea this would be so valuable and helpful to all the different sports I do, and to just staying healthy and able-bodied as I get older. I learned that I can actually get stronger as I age. I can’t wait to see what I’m capable of at 50, 70, 90, and 100.

Training with Ross is like learning a martial art. You only earn more challenging moves after learning the foundations. It’s more like “practice” than “exercise.” Learning how to move with strength and confidence is a lot different than just exercising. I never felt compelled to practice this stuff before I worked with Ross.

I was immediately attracted to Ross’s passion for overall health. It’s obvious that he cares a great deal about posture, function, and longevity.

Ross is great at identifying where a person’s body is breaking down, and gently working with that person to create a corrective strategy that works. He’s good at keeping boundaries with his clients, and accepting them wherever they’re at.

He has a great breadth of knowledge. His deep toolbox made me feel confident that he had explored information from a variety of different sources. He’s already figured out what works and what doesn’t, so that his clients don’t have to.

Ross did a great job of partnering with me, instead of pushing me to do things his way. He isn’t pushy or aggressive or intense. He made me feel like my input was important and helpful.

I don’t think there is anyone that can’t benefit from learning better movement. It’s at the heart of every person’s neuromusculoskeletal health.

I recommend Ross to anybody who wants to stay involved in the activities they love, anybody who has nagging injuries, anyone who wants to stay out of a nursing home, and anyone who wants to move confidently through life.”

—Dr. Andrew Shannahan DC, Chiropractor, 36


“I’m standing up straighter, like a normal person. We’ve reversed the messed-up posture and walking patterns that I’ve had my entire life.

The biggest benefit to me has simply been experiencing the fact that there actually IS help out there AT ALL, and that I actually CAN improve. Before this work, I’d accepted that physical progress and improvement were only for Other People — it certainly wasn’t available to me. But now I feel like it actually is possible for me to have a physical aspect to my life — standing, dancing, walking long distances, etc.

Ross is different in the level of attention and concern that he gives to people. I feel like my training and progress is really important to Ross, which helps it feel more important to me as well. He understands what is going on at a fundamental level, and can explain it to me in a way that I can understand. I also appreciate how he always has good humor and a positive and forgiving attitude.

The kettlebell training involves a minimum of implements, and I am able to do this work at home as well.”

—Craig Meyer, Engineer, 39


“When I first started training with you, my upper body was a lot weaker than my lower body, and I was accumulating a lot of fat despite all my working out. I had tweaked my shoulder doing more traditional weight training in the past, and I didn’t want to do anything that was really linear. I was a little nervous because I’d already had that experience.

For a while I’d just been exercising on my own, and I felt like I didn’t need anyone to train me. That was really different with the kettlebells though, and I found it very humbling. I realized that there’s a lot of need to have someone move me through the work because it’s easy to get thrown out of whack. I found it helpful that you were concise in your description of the movements, and you had a good understanding of anatomy.

Adding the weight of the kettlebells was really a game changer for me. Now, I finally feel connected to my upper body. I feel like my low back has gained a sense of stability, which is a new thing, especially since it’s felt so vulnerable in the past. The kettlebells have really enhanced my strength, discipline, and presence in the moment.

I was a little surprised when I visited Colorado (from Seattle) and did a 12 mile hike just three days after arriving. I had tons of energy, and I was shocked at the extent that the kettlebells helped me aerobically.

I would recommend you and your services to people who would like to check-in to their bodies. You are a pragmatist and you’re adaptable. You stay on track of your clients’ goals. You understand other modalities and how they integrate with weight training.

I’ve always found it very easy to work with you because I trust you. There was never any sense of condescension. You’ve always met me as an individual and been supportive. And your humor has always been important to me, too.”

—Vicki Robinson, Feldenkrais Teacher & Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, 56


“I feel stronger and have more awareness and movement in my body. I’m now aware that most of my perceived limitations about my physical being are mental. Ross really notices and focuses on the individual and their needs. It’s a very comprehensive approach to health and wellness. It’s just fabulous.”

—Sheila Moncrief, Somatic Educator