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Golf Performance

You’re probably making the same mistake as 83% of golfers, guaranteeing yourself middle-of-the-road scores and sabotaging your performance on the links.

Instead you could slash six or more strokes from your score, add 25 yards to your drive, and play 36 holes without waking up the next day in pain.

Golfer_swing cropGeorge Archer, consummate gentleman and winner of the 1969 Masters, said “Golf is like a chain, you always have to work on the weakest links.”

What if the weakest link in your golf game wasn’t your grip, your stance, or your swing, but was actually something deeper and less obvious? 

What if underneath all your technical skills laid a cracked foundation that guaranteed you a fair-to-middling game and was an invisible ceiling on your performance?

Even the finest race car driver can’t win a ding-dang thing while driving a 1981 Ford Escort with a bent frame. And an Indy 500 car that pulls to the right is an accident waiting to happen.

Here’s the secret: If your body doesn’t move well, all the technique in the world won’t help your game.

83% of golfers are ignoring hidden body movement problems which torpedo their performance, cause aches and pains, and increase their risk of painful, expensive injuries which can take them out of the game for weeks and months — or even longer.

With the Move Well Golf Performance Program, we use cutting-edge movement analysis to identify the ways your body is stopping you from expressing the golf skills you already have — and correct these problems for good.

It’s almost like a magic bullet, eliminating weak links that have been sabotaging your score and your bragging rights, hiding inside of you for years and probably even decades.

If you’ve ever invested in swing analysis or skill coaching, then you know how powerful the right professional assistance can be.

And don’t forget that the Move Well Golf Performance Program is backed by my signature Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • If you follow the program and are not delighted with your results, then I’ll give every penny of your investment back to you.

Move Well 13I’ll stake my reputation and every dime you pay me on dramatic, measurable results in six months or less. You’ve got nothing to lose but wasted strokes!

Give yourself an unfair advantage on the course.

Contact me today to reserve your complimentary phone consultation, and find out how the Move Well Golf Performance Program can help you lengthen your drive, lower your score, and give you the bragging rights you deserve.

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